This months feature  of“Behind the suit” is with Sydney based tailor, Michael Vlassis of Woolcott St Full name:  Michael Eric Vlassis Age: 29 Occupation: Personal Bespoke Tailor Background:  Greek  What do you love about your occupation? Meeting such a diverse range of successful people and finding solutions to those peoples individual and unique problems is a
With Dappertude being around for a few years, we have met a vast amount of amazing people who we have worked or even looked up to. This new feature "Behind the suit" is a new monthly segment where we interview tailors, stylists and fashionistas not only about their advice on style but for you to
In adolescence, you probably remember your parents instilling in your sponge-like mind that you are like no other. They are 100% right and your DNA showcases it exceptionally well. From your eye colour to your hairy or hairless chin, to your broad shoulders, to your small waist or slender legs or long torso, you’ve all
Clearer skin, minimal products and simple steps - it’s no longer a daunting task for a Dapperman. We’ve searched high and low to find a product worth mentioning. Introducing Anna Mitsios - Founder of Edible Beauty (also a naturopath and nutritionist). Let’s start with what’s in these products - certified organic ingredients, native herbs, good
The story of the whisky drinking vessel dates back to the 16th Century, with a wooden cup called the quaich, derived from “cuach” – a Gaelic word that simply meant “cup”. The design looked a lot like a shallow bowl, and was constructed from wooden staves and had small handles on both sides. Quaichs played an essential