Guest blogger and close friends of Dappertude, Dapper Melbourne Man recently joined the Dappertude office for an exploration of the QT hotel in Sydney. After a full business day, and a flight from Melbourne, one can find themself looking for respite but not when you are a dapper gent like Dapper Melbourne Man, knowing that you have to be equally productive in both the daytime and the nighttime.

Quickly switching from daywear into night, Dapper Melbourne Man drifts down the tiled staircase, homage to the train stations of old where the original dapper men spread across the world, to meet with the founder of Dappertude.

The dapper gents find themselves in the lavish foyer of the QT hotel, to the side there is a comfortable lounge for relaxed business discussions to take place, but of course in this business the latest fashion trends are always a hot topic.

After devising plans to summit the world, the dapper gents part ways, Dapper Melbourne Man makes way back to his room, finally his business week is over. To unwind he arises to the room’s drinks cabinet, with a coffee machine and a cobbler shaker in each room, the crowd-pleasing espresso martini is a must have.

Born in Central London the IBA official cocktail has fueled great nights all over the world. Dapper Melbourne Man makes some espresso, pours it into the shaker with a generous splash of vodka and coffee liqueur, then filling the shaker with ice.

Like all professionals, he shakes in a forceful yet dignified manner, as he must be forceful to crush the ice to make a nice froth but a dapper gent never lets his attire fall out of place. Once ready his martini is served into the glass, ready to be consumed.

Sipping from his martini glass Dapper Melbourne Man reviews the week gone by and the plans for the week ahead, a final look of the daily headlines he relaxes, subdued from the weekly grind, it is time to take off the tie

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