Johnny Li, Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Johnny Li, started the brand Dappertude; short for Dappertude Attitude to be that bridge to help guide the average man onto the dapper path, with its affordable luxury accessories but the brand itself has evolved into something more than just that, it has become a lifestyle and merely a community through its vast collaborations and The Dappertude seminars.

His interest in sartorial fashion began while working in Hong Kong and he wanted to bring that style to Australia as he noticed the men of Australia needed to take it up a notch compared to Asia and the world. He works fulltime in digital marketing and loves his loafers, especially tassel loafers.

Alan Hong, Strategic Director

Alan Hong, has over 8 years of experience in consulting, business development, and training.

His passion for the fine astutely dressed gentlemen started from his time as a financial planner where he noticed a number of successful executive clients he worked with were always well dressed, classy and groomed. This evolved into the idea that a man should feel as good as he looks.

He holds an MBA, has travelled throughout Australia delivering seminars to large corporates and was a keynote speaker at UNSW and USyd which will serve Dappertude well in delivering tips and tricks to giving the average man every opportunity to be successful in their journey to dapperness.

Joe Cheng, Head Photographer

Joe Cheng is a Lifestyle photographer from Sydney, Australia.
Everyone sees the world a little differently, and he loves how he can share his perspective using photography.
Joe’s story telling is relaxed and preference for simple, minimalistic views has helped tell the world that Dappertude is a place for gentlemen of the highest class and distinction.
When he’s not working for some of the biggest fashion influencers and brands, Joe takes time to travel to gather new inspiration.