Chivas Regal has collaborated with Andrew Simpson of the famed industrial design house Vert Design to create a bespoke whisky tumbler that enhances the whisky experience and celebrates the unique aromas and flavours Found in the Chivas 18.

Working with the best glass blower in Australia, Simpson drew inspiration from the 1000-year-old Venetian glassware tradition, which emphasizes the importance of the hand forming and the inclusion of the colour.

The unique design and best craftsmanship gave birth to the Simpson’s Tumbler, which in my opinion combines Functionality and beauty.

These tumblers are individually handcrafted using custom made timber to shape and give texture to each glass. Looking closely you can see the marks of the craftsman throughout the variation of wall thickness and the tool marks left on each one of them.

The photo presented below shows us the dominant cobalt blue colour integrated to the lid and lip using the old Venetian technique; this particular colour is used as it is synonymous with the Chivas 18.

Moving down to the clear pineapple textured base that is reminiscent of British crystal, allows the drinker to admire the rich and true colour of the Whisky.

The multipurpose Lid sits on top of the glass trapping the vapours and aromas, a contemporary interpretation of the traditional whisky drinking ritual where a watch glass cover is used to keep the whisky vapours inside.

Once removed, it will release a more concentrated aroma that is as important as the taste to fully experience and enjoy the Whisky.

The lid can also be used as a bowl to serve selected finger food that will complement and bring the many different flavours found in the Chivas 18.

There will be only 200 Simpson’s tumbler ever created and available to experience with Chivas 18 in leading Australian bars this summer including in Sydney’s Grain Bar, Melbourne’s The Bank on Collins and Brisbane’s Blackbird Bar and Restaurant Starting from 22nd November.

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