As an individual who needs to maintain facial hair three times a week, shaving comfortably and with ease is essential to growing and maintain the perfect beard. Our friends at the Dollar Shave Club sent me a package featuring the executive shaving blade with four 6-blade cartridges and their iconic shave butter, the perfect introductory
Admittedly, we were never interested in receiving facial treatments whilst having our fortnightly haircuts. It wasn’t anything that has ever intrigued us, but this immediately changed after we visited our friends at Adilla Barbers. We were extremely impressed. Located at Double Bay, Adilla barbers is a unique barbershop, offering impeccable services, not seen elsewhere in Sydney.
If you’re the kind of guy that has looked at himself at the mirror at least once in his life, the first thing you would have noticed was how your hair looks. A good haircut plays a fundamental role in the way others perceive you. However, there’s something even more valuable than a good haircut:
Suited gents? Check! Grooming tips? Check! Men styling session? Check! Everything that could be defined as “heaven” for an aspiring gentleman went on at the annual Dappertude Seminar in Sydney last Saturday; the event that already gained a massive success in the past few years was organised by the Dappertude founder himself, the classy mr. Johnny Li! There was a
Step into the small yet welcoming Off Chops Barbers store. The shop fashions glass doors from ceiling to wooden floor. Uniquely styled, it features three chairs that are blatantly different but subtly match. Crisp white subway tiles are highlighted against the occasional pop of wood that frames the walls. If you’re an old fashioned but
We’re all too familiar with the phrase ‘each to their own. It’s highly relevant to to smell and taste. Some may like a fruity or fresh or musky or woody scent but each will depend on the individual. The selection and scent of a perfume is an extremely personal finishing touch. It expresses what smells