Milkman was founded by Ben De Campo, who has a PhD in Pharmacology and realized that with his profound knowledge of formulations he could do more than make just medicine. He wanted to offer the world of facial hair care with a new stylistic and fresh approach.

Behind every great man is a woman and his team. Fortunately for Ben, his wife Jackee is an experienced businesswoman and believed in Milkman, their products and services. She devoted herself to Milkman ensuring that they would always make the customer service as good as it could possibly be. United, Ben and Jackee  co-founded a family business based on the core foundation of good old fashioned service.

Milkman is a brand grown and nourished by hard work and love. An obsession with a mix of consistency created products you can’t live without for small to big beards. The products are a well-balanced combination of botanical oils, top shelf raw materials and carefully formulated scents.

 For too long there has been a divide between beauty and man. It has been thought that it is not masculine for a man to attend to his physical appearance.  

Milkman offers a solution to eliminating this divide with a range of grooming products that assist in facial rejuvenation, nourishment and yet possess humanistic, masculine scents

Part of a great service is not only listening to what customers want but understanding what they need before they even realize that they need it and from this Milkman have created the Advanced Beard Care kit. This Kit contains everything that the true beadsman needs to keep his beard looking fresh.

Advanced Beard Care Kit – What’s in the bag:

  • King of Wood 2 in 1 beard shampoo and conditioner,
  • King of Wood beard oil,
  • Mini Styler pocket comb,
  • Boar bristle beard brush,
  • Milkman beard Balm Beard Candy,
  • Milkman Razor Rail Shave Oil,
  • 2 magnets plus
  • Dopp bag.

Match the kit with a bottle of luxurious fragrance from Goldfield & Banks

In Addition, the process of grooming as a whole has been made pleasurable with the new launch of Spring Rider – fragranced after shave serum combines a daily moisturizer to hydrate, protect and nourish with an alcohol free after shave to soothe, tighten and tone the skin. Spring Rider has an intriguing scent with manly notes of leather and musk combined with light floral notes that are characteristic of springtime.

We’ve teamed up with the team at Milkman Australia to giveaway the perfect beard grooming pack which includes:
1x Advanced Beard Grooming Kit and
1x Spring Rider After Shave Serum to one lucky member of the Dappertude community.

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