Coffee….. what gentleman does not like drinking coffee but did you know that October 1st is international coffee day and in celebration of this glorious day, Tia Maria has announced Sydney’s first ever dedicated coffee cocktail masterclass where guests can shake and stir extravagant cocktails at Sydney’s ultimate speakeasy, Eau De Vie

Celebrating coffee cocktail culture in Australia, guests can try their hand at making 3 different cocktails; the signature Tia Espresso Martini, Twisted Tia and Espresso Zabaione. What goes better with coffee than dessert? As such, Eau De Vie’s chefs have created a bespoke dessert menu to accompany each cocktail.  Guests will also get to enjoy their own drinks made by the cocktail connoisseurs at Eau De Vie while enjoying the class. An array of delicious sweet treats will also be paired with the cocktails.

It’s no secret that Australians love their coffee cocktails, with Queenslanders demanding the most espresso martinis on an average night out, drinking 43% of Australia’s total consumption of the cocktail, followed by NSW (22%), SA (13%) and VIC (13%). Furthermore, 1 in 3 consumers aged 22-34 said they would like to see more coffee houses serving alcohol (Mintel).

Cocktail fans can book a spot in the masterclass for $30 per person via Eventbrite.


Melbourne No Longer The Coffee Capital 

  • NSW drinks the most coffee with Sydneysiders drinking 4.41 cups per week to Melbournians 3.91 cups.  By night, NSW are shaking and stirring the most coffee cocktails dominating 43% of the national consumption. Victoria drinking less than half of their NSW counterparts (21%) – Lavazza Coffee
  • On a night out, QLD are demanding the most espresso martinis drinking 43% of Australia’s total consumption, followed by NSW (22%), SA (13%) and VIC (13%) – Tia Maria
  • Each state has their favourite coffee type with NSW favouring Cappuccinos, QLD, WA, NT and ACT ordering more flat whites, and Lattes being the cup of choice for VIC, SA and TAS  – The 2018 Square Australian Coffee Report


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