Year on year, the demand for Whisky just continues to soar as one of the most popular spirit drinks. The craft of creating this particular liquid continues to intrigue as whisky brands come packaged with a rich story on how distillers come up with recipes for rich textures and aromas that draw keen enthusiasts and experienced connoisseur to this particular drink.

It’s an incredibly versatile liquid that can vary in taste and smell by the wonders of aging and distillation which means not all whiskies are equal.

So if you’re a gentlemen that can hold his liquid, wish to experience the best that whisky has to offer and be part of a few whose palettes will be enlightened by a delicate combination of fine dining degustation washed down with some of the rarest whiskies in the world, then the Balvenie event, a world’s first and exclusive whisky affair coming to Melbourne this September is just for you.

Founded in 1892 by William Grant, The Balvenie Distillery continues its endeavour of refining it’s centuries-old craftsmanship to be unique among single malts by using it’s own barley, using traditional floor maltings and having a team of coopers on site.

Places are limited as this opulent event is sure to create new wonders even for the most experienced whisky aficionado.

Guests will be guided through their gastronomic journey by The Balvenie Brand Ambassador Ross Blainey and Geoff Fewell, Head of Whisky at Eau-de-Vie.

Details are below so check out the link and the event summary to find out how you can experience a night with The Balvenie.


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