My very first memory of going to the movies was watching the Grinch at Hoyts after graduating year 6. I remember the bubbling excitement when I was ushered to my very own seat, watching it on the big screen with popcorn in hand being immersed into the film with its surround sound. A borrowed VHS from VideoEzy on our television set was just absolutely poor competition. Since then, the silver screen experience has continued to innovate and Dappertude was honoured to be part of this incredible journey at Hoyts Cinema Australia, invited to the launch of their new Lux premium dine-in cinema experience.

It was on a cold winter’s night, amidst the crowd and excitable chatter, stood a tall gentleman exuding confidence and encompassing all that we understand as Dappertude. That gentleman is one of Australia’s favourite Television Personalities and Celebrity
Chefs, Manu Feildel. Staying true to its Mission of providing the Number One Entertainment Experience in Australia & NZL, Hoyts Cinema Australia has partnered up with Manu to bring his acclaimed palate and love of condiments to your own luxury seating with business-class plush recliners for first-class comfort. As a renowned Chef and co-host of MKR, we were excited to see what culinary selections had Manu made for Hoyts Lux’s exclusive menu. So expectations were high.

Speaking with Manu, he told Dappertude that he tailored the menu to suit the needs of movie theatre goers without compromising on taste and quality. Manu recognised that ease and convenience would be important in ensuring a comfortable dining piece at the
movies, opting for food choices easily eaten from the comfort of your own chair with minimal mess. If you have tried to eat with a knife and fork in recliner chairs before, as I have, I think you would agree with this sentiment. This is reflected in the menu.

First off the bat, we had the opportunity to sample some of Manu’s old favourites from his Duck-in Duck-out restaurant – the duck bao and nam duck salad. When you order the Duck Bao, you get a trio of steamed bao filled with crispy confit duck, house-made shitake and cucumber pickle, spring onion and ginger mayo and a smoky hoisin (a vegetarian option is available where the duck is replaced with a crispy salt and pepper tofu). I know the world is divided into coriander lovers and haters, but I find coriander is a fantastic addition to enhance any dish. This is no exception. The nam duck salad is a good healthy choice for those wishing to maintain the notches on their belt. If you have seen Manu on MKR, you know that he loves his sauce and there is a generous serving of the Asian inspired dressing to whet any tastebuds.

Later, we sampled the crowd favourites – classic cheeseburger sliders and the frenchy dog. Both are served on milk buns and Dijon aioli. So you can’t go wrong with either choice. It might come down to the bigger question of whether you are a hotdog or burger
fan. Our bellies full and content, we moved from the cocktail lounge to the Lux theatre. Big chairs, huge legroom, plenty of popcorn and a blockbuster Disney movie were eagerly waiting for our arrival. Manu stepped in front of the cinema, said a few words about his
joy and pleasure in playing host to the guests and graciously entertained us with a few swings of his imaginary lightsabre, whilst still looking quite dashing in his blazer and jeans combination, before leaving the audience in the capable hands of young Han Solo
for the next 2 hours to indulge our sensory and kinesthetic pleasures. I welcomed the opportunity to have dessert partway through the movie.

The staff at Hoyts are discrete and as silent ninjas, the interruption to your movie is barely noticeable. My favourite was the French lemon cheesecake smash. The baked cheesecake is rich and creamy, and tanginess of the lemon is balanced well with the sweetness of the cheesecake.

The bespoke menu has many more options to choose from and whilst perusing the menu, I think I’ll have to order the Duck Cigar Spring Rolls and Loaded Fries next time I’m at Lux cinemas!
Dappertude’s philosophy is founded on the idea that a man should feel as good as he looks. This is similarly aligned with the philosophy behind the Lux experience at Hoyts, which aims to lift the cinematic experience for movie theatre goers everywhere. As Will Smith once said, “for me, there is nothing more valuable than how people feel in a movie theatre about a movie”.

Check out Manu’s menu at your nearest Lux location.
Broadway, Chatswood Westfield, Entertainment Quarter, Wetherill Park
Chadstone, Eastland, Highpoint, Melbourne, Victoria Gardens
Western Australia

Menu By Manu

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