Over the past few years, The Glenlivet distillery has released some mysterious Whiskies with no age statement, cask type or tasting notes.
Starting with The Alpha back in 2013 with only 3,350 bottles produced and no allocation to the Australian market, to be followed In 2016 by The Cipher with Only 33.000 bottles and only a fraction of that number reached our stores and where sold quickly.
This year the brand has raised its game and released The Glenlivet Code With only 10000 bottles.
The good news is that 20% of The Code release will be allocated to our markets, looks like we have been on Glenlivet’s Nice List Australia.
The man responsible for building the Code mysterious flavour profile is Glenlivet’s Master Distiller, Alan Winchester.
He came to Sydney last month for the brand launch and offer me a sit down with him to try and unlock the taste of the Code.
Overall It was a great experience to be challenged by Glenlivet’s Master Distiller Allan Winchester and you will also have the same chance to go through the same Challenge.
There is a dedicated website https://www.theglenlivet.com/en-en/the-code that leads to a digital tasting room, where a virtual version of master distiller Alan Winchester challenges you to “Unlock the Taste” of the mystery whisky.
There are 12 aromas and 12 flavours, but only 4 are correct.
It’s not as challenging as it sounds, really and what’s wrong with having a little fun with your single malt?

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