A Gents Relaxing Night at the Establishment Hotel, Sydney

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After a long week of work, the businessman finds himself walking down a small alleyway, he comes to the front of this grandiose wooden door, opening it to walk inside and be greeted by warm faces and eccentric pieces of art lining the walls of the Establishment Hotel Sydney.

He walks up to his room to find himself immediately relaxed by crisp white sheets and a bottle of champagne to unwind from the day’s stresses. He notices the room is spacious and has that feeling of home, the warmth of the heater and scent definitely reminds him of home.

It was time to send those last business emails; the business suit and done are off. Reclining on the luxurious bed, the businessman enjoys his champagne before setting out for the night ahead.

 Only a short walk away from his room the businessman finds himself at Sushi-E. Enjoying a glass of red wine, the businessman wishes to the night ahead, as they say nothing is better than a glass of wine and sushi on a Friday night.

He orders the signature sushi e style kingfosh, spicy scallop and the spider soft shell crab recommended by the waitress.

The dishes and sushi are served straight from the chef at the bar, the businessman enjoys his meal before venturing out into the bustling area around the Establishment Hotel Sydney.

Finally it comes time for the night to retire, the businessman finds himself walking back to his room.

The week is over; the shoes are finally off, the businessman subduing himself to the luxury of peace.

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