Silk ties, Jersey ties, knitted ties, all have become staples in the dapper wardrobe, but what about a leather tie? KIMSHU, a new handcrafted tie designer, has come up with the next trend in dapper men’s wear. Stemmed from a passion for shoemaking, founder Kim Nguyen, opened up KIMSHU. The idea of the leather tie was born, unsure if there even was a market for the bespoke accessory, but nonetheless Kim started producing with a surge of passion to explore the idea.

While the leather tie is a great accessory for any suited gent, many may be tentative due to the uniqueness of the material as a tie, but do not forget that uniqueness is a great way to stand out of ubiquity. To ease your mind firstly, since leather is a stiffer material than most ties it may seem like your knots will become unraveled easily, but fear not as the humble four-in-hand and half windsor work perfectly and will look impeccable, remember simplicity is key.

In terms of colour choice if you are on the more conservative side go with the Vintage Brown, since brown leather is becoming one of the most popular styling choices for the modern gent and can be worn both casually and formally.  To make your tie special why not include an embroidery.

For an elegant palate try pairing it with a navy suit and for an extra piece a grey vest. If you want to try something a little racier, go for the Bloody Mary. The deep red colour can boost your power tie game to the next level of dapperness, exuding both a sense of power, love, and mystery.

To hone back to a new take on a classic, look no further than the contrasting light and dark blue tie which is bespoke from the KIMSHU range, feel free to mix and match your own colours to suit your mood.

KIMSHU will also be producing leather pocket squares soon. A double layered square with Italian leather and cotton. But like all KIMSHU products they are all handmade locally in Melbourne and only small batches are made so be on the lookout for your next unique look.

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