It began with an inkling. An interest. A discerning eye and a really good gut feeling for what customers were after. From what started as a small online business in 2006, MEN’S BIZ flourished into this beautiful timeline of multiple unique stores popping up across Australia.

Owner and founder Nathan Jancauskas, started MEN’S BIZ in his early 20’s. He envisioned a dedicated space specialising in luxurious hot towel shaves, classic haircuts, beard and moustache trims. MEN’S BIZ opened their first brick and mortar store in Melbourne’s Royal Arcade.

In the blink of an eye in 2015 they opened the Sydney flagship store followed by another Melbourne store in Collins Square in 2017. To add to the already impressive list of cities, in 2018 MEN’S BIZ launched in Canberra Monaro Mall. Hands down MEN’S BIZ is one of the top listed go-to destination for men’s grooming in Australia, in leading cities and online.

MEN’S BIZ, renowned for their deluxe range of shaving and grooming products, has opened their second barber store in the iconic Strand Arcade and is located on level 2. Refined, eccentric and masculine, the new store is unlike any other with a crocodile installation on the ceiling and a bold, textural wallpaper by Valeria Zaltron entitled Living Garden wrapping all walls and the ceiling of the store.

For your days off stroll in and take a seat. Sit back in the barber chair, empty your mind and enjoy in your most deserving self-care time. Relax and indulge in the immersive environment complemented by an authentic barber experience.

The latest grooming store features a carefully curated selection of the best international hair styling brands and an unprecedented range of men’s shaving products within the six-chair barbershop. Participate in sampling the products offered by getting hands on via their testing stations and integrating the products into their barber service.

Nathan’s top advice for any gentleman wanting to invest in grooming would be to “Keep it simple. Buy less, but invest in quality, well made tools. Take an interest in what you’re doing. Try to pay attention to and enjoy the process”.

The man himself highly recommends the following products for the upcoming colder months.  A winter fragrance (L’Air Du Desert Marocain), a moisturiser (Jack Black Line Smoother), a lip balm (Jack Black Intense Therapy). Keep warm and always be well groomed gents !


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