Lets cut straight to it, this isn’t going to be an article about how you can seize the day by waking up at 5 am and drinking a smoothie of questionable origins or one about how you can “bookend your day” with a morning exercise routine. Instead, we’ve put together our 3 considerations to starting the day with impeccable grooming that is neither price prohibitive with the help of our friends at The Well Groomed Guy.

It Starts With The Hair.

What’s your hair type? Three things your going to want to drill down on are: Hair Structure – Its it thin, medium or thicker; Scalp moisture is it dry, normal or oily – If its on the oiler end of the spectrum its important that you’re incorporating a high-quality shampoo into your routine, for day’s when you’re short on time a dry shampoo can be a great alternative.

Washing you’re hair every second day is generally ideal, to prevent excess oil build up. If you’re stuck with dialling down on any of the above speak to your barber and they’ll point you in the right direction to manage your hair type best.

Be Careful Where You Soap

Whilst you’re in the shower it’s important that you also look at a soap-free body wash as to not strip your skin of its natural oils.

A Clean Shave Just Like Your Grandpa, But With A Few Products He Mightn’t Have Heard Of

If a clean shave is a pillar of your morning routine its critical that you take a few extra steps to avoid an adverse outcome. Firstly in addition to using a gentle daily cleaner to remove dirt and oil from your skin, your going to want to exfoliate one to two times a week to remove dead skin, ultimately helping you achieve a cleaner shave. Of course, shaving after the shower, utilising the warm water to both soften hairs and open pores hold true, however, consider adding a beard conditioner for a great pre-shave experience. When its time to get down to business stay with the grain and re-lather as required.

When all is said and done, a great shave lotion serves to soothe both skin and stave off redness and irritation. The Well Groomed Guy’s Mositsturiser both replenishes the skin with an extra layer of moisture.

Now, you’ve heard from us what we consider when developing our morning routine. But What are your 3 most important grooming steps or tips?

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