We’re all too familiar with the phrase ‘each to their own. It’s highly relevant to to smell and taste. Some may like a fruity or fresh or musky or woody scent but each will depend on the individual.

The selection and scent of a perfume is an extremely personal finishing touch. It expresses what smells they are drawn to. Perfumes have this special ability to unknowingly give people a confidence boost, that cherry on top for a dapper finish.

Not all perfumes smell the same on every individual. The smell of a perfume is based on how it sits on the skin of the person. Therefore it’s each to their own but at times it is proven to be difficult as you can’t always prepare yourself for sensitive skin.

The tortures of skin flare ups or uncalled for rash breakouts can be your worst enemy. Fortunately IME offers 100% certified, natural, cruelty free accredited, toxin free and vegan perfumes.

The Elemental Man collection is inspired by how life is made up of five basic elements of earth, water, fire, air and space. It channels the magnetic power of these elements to nurture and enhance the mind body and soul.

Granite (Earth) and Offshore (Water) are the first two releases from the men’s Elemental series. Granite releases a woody scent and in our opinion is most suited for the colder months of autumn and winter.

They are both encased in a glass cylinder and a smooth wooden cap. Simple and sleek and a great addition every gentleman’s wardrobe. Offshore (Water) is an expression of a light and slightly salty oceanic scent and is perfect for the cooler month of spring and summer.

Be surprised with how long lasting each perfume can be. Apply the natural scents with just one spray and waft through the next 4 hours smelling incredible.

Designed for every aspect of use the size is undeniably prefect to be taken anywhere. The vials are small enough to be taken anywhere and will allow that addictive top up.

Put your mind to ease and be stress free. IME is the perfect gift for this Father’s Day !


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