A Melbournian based company, Trimly was created in 2016 and have held their true value of helping you put your best foot forward through premium shoe care products. I recently received their newly released Premium Sneaker Trees, and I was bereft of speech.

There are two significant factors in prolonging the life and quality of your leather shoes. Applying cream and other shoe care products, and utilising shoe trees are the way to go. And if you’re not convinced, keep reading.

As soon as I opened the packaging for the Premium Sneaker Trees designed by Trimly, I immediately recognised the quality of craftsmanship put into them.

But we often only used shoe trees for oxfords, brogues, penny loafers and other leather footwear, disregarding the importance they hold for sneakers (quite literally). The Premium Sneaker Trees truly holds the shape of your sneakers through its unique design.

But why use a shoe tree?

As noted, shoe trees hold the authentic shape of your newly purchased shoes. The creases which develop over wear on the cap of your shoe is one of the most unwanted things on your beloved pair of sneakers, and this is why I recommend the Trimly Premium Sneaker Trees. This pair of trees do just that, as well as preventing leather from cracking.

After wearing your sneakers during a long a day, inserting the American cedar shoe trees will allow for the leather to rest, and harden to the shape of the tree.

Cedarwood is the most ideal wood to be utilised for shoe trees, as it is lighter than oak and less expensive than teak (and it constantly smells beautiful). Aside from just smelling good, cedar wood also absorbs the moisture left in shoes after use and wear, meaning that they won’t hold an undesired stench when worn again. Sweat within shoes also causes damage on the leather, and as the moisture is dispelled, the shoe is prevented from disintegrating from the inside.

Another reason why shoe trees are a useful instrument is because they assist you with creaming and polishing of your shoes. Instead of digging your hands into your worn shoes, the cedar shoe trees hold its shape for you whilst smelling good, allowing you to care for your shoes. Trimly also hold brushes, cloths, conditions and cleaners, creams, and much more.

But what stands out the most for us is the design of the Premium Sneaker Trees. They hold a full overhang grip for easy insertion and removal of the trees, perfect for when you’re on the go. The design of the shoe tree also holds an adjustable split-toe design, meaning it can expand depending on the width of the shoe toe cap. This makes it perfect for the use of one pair of Premium Sneaker Trees on several shoes (but I do recommend having one for each shoe to hold all their shapes).

Take control of your leather sneakers and extend their lifetime with the Premium Sneaker Trees

Mahdi Sekandari

Digital content creator for the classic menswear Instagram page, Sartoriaza.

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