When you think about what makes Australia such as an exciting country, three things will immediately pop in your mind: the sun, the ocean and the carefree lifestyle. 

Therefore, it is fair to say that there’s nothing more Aussie than a pair of cool shades! 

What if I tell you there’s a brand out there that combines unique shades and designs with a touch of this Aussie relaxed vibe? That brand, my friends, is Pacifico Optical

Founded in 2015 in Bondi Beach, Pacifico Optical has made a name for themselves for their excellent value for the money, mixing timeless styles with the finest materials sourced from Japan and Italy (and that says it all). 

The brand is now releasing their new 12-piece collection called “Shades of Europe”, introducing two must-have styles for Summer. Taking inspiration from the Italian coastlines, these frames will immediately give you a real Dickie Greenleaf vibe while sipping your well-made Negroni in a bar in Capri.

By being still true to their provenance, the new styles Lola & Lucius are named after the Bondi Beach streets and they’re the perfect addition to the best-selling Buckler.

We particularly love the Lucius frames! The transparent acetate and the lighter lenses of this style is something the brand has been experimenting lately and, seeing how they turned out, we’re super hyped to see what’s next! 

And guess what, we’re not the only one in love with the brand: you can just scroll around the website, and the only thing you’ll see is 5-star reviews from their customers.


Mattia Cozzi is an Italian menswear enthusiast who has been in the industry for the last 7 years. After living in Sydney for the past 5 years, he's noticed there is a lack of appreciation and knowledge to be a modern gentleman. For him, clothes are a true reflection of an individual's personality, something that they can be cherished and loved throughout the years and something that only get better with time. When not working, Mattia also enjoys vintage shopping and bar hopping in local jazz bars, a genre that has vastly influenced his personal style.

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