Dappertude’s Vision

Help guiding the average man onto the dapper path

Dappertude’s Mission Statement

Dappertude was founded with a spirit of passion and inspiration to help men step into the realm of being a gentleman. We strive to build a community that is grounded in integrity, honesty and acceptance of any background; as we bring together the men of this world to show that being a gentleman of any race is not about culture but very much about class and taste inside and out, by what he wears as well as how he acts.

What is Dappertude and What does Dappertude do

Dappertude is portmanteau of the words “Dapper” and “Attitude”. Originally founded as an accessories brand, it has begun to evolve into a men’s authority on lifestyle, dress and character.

We’re a magazine and media platform collaborating with some of Australia’s newest and well-known brands  to bring male astute dressing and their lifestyle to the forefront while portraying that the average man can also be educated to evolve into a gentleman not only through their appearance but lifestyle too.

Dappertude are also the innovators in Australia to create the first men’s fashion seminar in Sydney which brought together the dapper men of Sydney on a day where like-minded gentleman came together.

So come and be educated, inspired and network with us here at Dappertude.